This website is primarily a collection of my more recent personal work. The prints represented here are Carbon Prints.

The pages are organized principally by subject matter. The prints are all recent and the negatives have for the most part not been previously printed although the negatives are from various periods and years.

carbon print is a photographic print with an image consisting of pigmented gelatin. The carbon print is made through a transfer technique in which a gelatin coated sheet is sensitized, exposed to a negative, adhered to a fine paper support, and developed in hot water.  The final image is artist’s pigment suspended in a gelatin binder on paper. In carbon printing I make my own gelatin mixture using pigments I have prepared and coat each sheet by hand in preparation for use.

I became interested in Carbon Printing because of its close relationship with photogravure, a photographic printing process which I have researched and practiced since 1976. The Carbon print is in fact the second part in the making of a photogravure plate. (For more information go here or here

I find the Carbon Print to be very beautiful and made up of materials with which I am quite familiar but used in a slightly different manner than photogravure.

The Carbon Prints are on 100% cotton rag paper that I have surface sized in order to receive the gelatin layer of the carbon transfer. For an explanation and history of the Carbon Print go here: